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Lake Tsivlou - Hotel Alkistis

Lake Tsivlou

Lake Tsivlou is an alpine lake lying at an altitude of 2,625 feet on the mountain range of Chelmos, in Achaea. It was the result of a massive landslide in 1913 that drifted along two villages, Sylivena & Τsivlos (which the lake was named after), and blocked a bed of river Krathes. Around and near the lake are the villages of Peristera, Agia Varvara, and Zarouchla. The name of the lake comes from the village of Tsivlos which was partially submerged after the landslide.
The Monastery of Mega Spileo - Hotel Alkistis

The Monastery of Mega Spileo

The Monastery of Mega Spileo in Kalavryta: The Holy Monastery of Mega Spileo is placed 25 km far from the town of Kalavryta. It is found right on the central road that leads to Kalavryta and is geographically located close to Zachlorou village. It is built on the slopes of a steep side of a rocky hill, at a height of 924m, providing great views from its balcony. The Monastery of Mega Spileo was originally built in 362 AD by two brothers, Symeon, and Theodore when a shepherd girl found an icon of the Virgin Mary inside a cave.
The Cave of Lakes - Hotel Alkistis

The Cave of Lakes

The Cave of Lakes, formerly called Troupissio, is located at an absolute height of 827 m at a distance of 17 km from Kalavryta and 9 km from Kleitoria. It is a remarkable cultural monument, which we must know from all sides. You can find more information on
Zachlorou - Hotel Alkistis
Zachlorou is a village and a community in eastern Achaea, Greece. It is built on a mountain slope on the left bank of the river Vouraikos, which forms a narrow gorge. The community consists of the villages Kato Zachlorou and Ano Zachlorou, and the Mega Spilaio monastery. It is 11 km (7 miles) south of Diakopto, and 9 km (6 miles) northeast of Kalavryta.
Ski resort Kalavryta - Hotel Alkistis
Ski resort Kalavryta
On Mountain Helmós, at an altitude of 2,340m, we find the most important ski resort in Peloponnese. Being the second largest ski resort in Greece, it is located in a breathtaking fiery alpine landscape. Due to its close proximity to Athens and to its first-class facilities many skiers visit it throughout the ski season. Here, the famous black and red runs of Styga challenge even the most expert skiers.
Aigio - Hotel Alkistis
Aigio, is a town and a former municipality in Achaea, West Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform, it is part of the municipality Aigialeia, of which it is the seat and a municipal unit.[2] Aigio is the second largest city in Achaea after Patras.. Aigio is a port town on the Gulf of Corinth, and takes its name from the ancient city of Aegium.
Pounta Beach - Hotel Alkistis
Pounta Beach
Near the hotel is Pounta Beach, which is one of the best beaches in the Northern Peloponnese. It is characterized by its crystalline, clear and cool waters, the small pebbles, the width of the beach and the blue flag that it has uninterruptedly every year since the beginning of the institution of certification of purity and suitability of the seas.
Egali - Hotel Alkistis
It is a crystal clear coast with wonderful waters paved with fine pebbles and abundant greenery that reaches the sea. It is an organized beach with seaside shops.
Cherryland - Hotel Alkistis
At a distance of 20 minutes from the hotel is the Fokaeon Farm in Kernitsa, Achaia, on the road that leads from Diakopto to Kalavrita. This is a farm located at an altitude of 700 meters in the settlement of Kernitsa and looks like it came out of a fairy tale.
The Area Synest Theme Park - Hotel Alkistis
The Area Synest Theme Park
The Area Synest Theme Park, just an hour from our hotel in the Northern Peloponnese, is a place of Culture and Recreation, an earthly paradise for young and old, which opened its doors to visitors in the winter of 2016. Area Synest is an ideal choice for couples, groups and families who want to explore the grandeur of nature, travel to other times and experience the fairy tale up close. Area Synest Theme Park is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00.
The Waterfall of Styx - Hotel Alkistis
The Waterfall of Styx
The Waterfall of Styx was a waterfall near Mount Psophis within the Golden Fields region of Arkadia, Greece. It was named after the mythological Greek river, Styx, and the goddess that bore the same name.