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Hotel Alkistis is located at Diakopto Achaias a village only 160 km from Athens and a short-drive from Patras port. The excellent location of Diakopto makes it a perfect destination not only for summer but also winter holidays; it is located by the sea and only 32 km from the historic town of Kalavryta and the Helmos ski centre.
Diakopto - Achaia - Hotel Alkistis

Diakopto - Achaia

Our hotel is located in Diakofto, Achaia, less than 2 hours from Athens and 45 minutes away from Patras and its port. It is located only 150 meters from the coast of the Corinthian Gulf in the Peloponnese. The visitor has the opportunity to visit beautiful beaches.

It is a popular tourist destination, as it combines the sea with the mountains. Our hotel is only a few meters from the train station, where the visitor has the opportunity to board for an enjoyable walk in the gorge of Vouraikos through Odontotos.
Also, the visitor can go by road to Diakofto but also via the Suburban Railway, with direct connection from the center of Athens and the Athens International Airport.

Diakopto - Kalavryta Rack Railway

The Diakopto - Kalavryta Rack Railway is a tourist attraction. It’s a train that can reach high altitudes and operate on steep grades, through territories of unique interest and spectacular views.
With an unparalleled journey that lasts for about one hour and starts from Diakopto, the rack railway runs through the gorge of Vouraikos and the village of Zachlorou, ending up in Kalavryta. The train covers the 22 kilometer journey traveling at a speed of 30-40km/h when moving along the regular rack and 6-15km/h when moving along the toothed racks.


Departures from Diakopto Departures from Kalavryta
Itinerary Hour Itinerary   Hour
1330 09:52 1331 11:04
1332 12:17 1333 13:37
1336 15:07 1337 16:45
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